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A story of the longest migration in India
from Saraswat desh in 1000 BC to far and wide

 Pre-Saraswat Aryan connection
 History of Saraswat Migrations
  Lost river Saraswati
  Chronology of events
  The GSB Mutt Samsthans

Gowda Saraswat Brahmins (GSBs) in Kerala   
from Gomantak towards the South and Kerala

Kerala - The land of coconutsThe GSB migrants to Kerala originally settled in pockets like Cochin, Kasargod and Calicut. Later, for jobs and living they spread to all over Kerala, outside Kerala and also to the overseas. They are locally called Konkanis.

Kerala gsb temples

Location . History 
Legends . Photos..

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 History of Kerala Settlements & Major events
The Kashi mutt
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Vishnu forms worshiped by GSBs

Venkatachalapathy | Satyanarayana | Krishna | Narasimha | Rama | Vittala | Varaha   

GSB Culture and Heritage

 The Gotras | Kuladevatas | GSB surnames
List of saraswat temples in   Goa | Karnataka | Kerala | Other states
Origin of Konkani Language | Learn Konkani | A language on the move
Saraswat Festivals & Vritams

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   from Goa to south..
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