GSB Temples & Mutts in Karnataka



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Bangalore Sri Kashi Mutt
No. 14. 18th Cross

Bangalore 560005

The Mutt was inaugurated on 4th July, 1986 by H H Sri Kashimutt Swamiji. The comples consists of Sri Parthasarathi Mandir and a Kalyan Mantap/ Community Hall as rooms for pilgrim's stay. The first floor is reserved for Swamiji's stay. The affairs of the mutt is managed by samiti nominated by Sri Swamiji.

Sri Venkataramana Temple
Venkatapur 561216

This temple was established at the behest of Sri Ramachandra Mallya about 400 years ago and popularly known as Mallayara matt. Because of its destruction by fire, it was re-built by the Govt. about 200 years ago.

Vishwa Shanthi Ashrama
24/K M Arasinakunte P O
Tumkur Road
Nelamangala Taluk
Bangalore Dist. 562123

Rama Mandir
Karkal D.K. 574102

This Mandir built under the leadership of Sri Dr B Ramakrishna Nayak and inaugurated by H H Srimad Sudheendra Swamiji in the year 1988 i.e. on 7th of March. In this mandir there is bhajan on every Saturday; 12 days Bhajana Mangalotsava, Ramanavami, Pratista Vardanthi etc., are celebrated grandly.

Sri Devaki Krishna Ravalnath Temple
Karkala 574104

The temple with a man sized idol of Sri Swamy Ravalnath was consecrated in February 1974 by Sri Srinivasa Prabhu the oracle of the temple. In a separate temple a man sized stone idol of Sri Devaki holding the baby krishna has been installed and it  was consecrated by H H Srimad Sudheendra Thirtha Swamiji in 1981. The The oracle is organised every full moon day. The idols of the temple were carved by the famous sculptor Renjal Gopal Krishna Shenoy. The three anniversaries of the temple as well as Navarathri festival is celebrated annually. Shri Chandika Yajna is also organised annually.

Lakshmi Venkatramana Bhajana Mandir
Hosmar, Karkala Taluk (D.K.)

This Mandir is built by Lakshmi Venkatesh Bhajana Mandali of Hosmar. The foundation stone of the Mandir is laid by Ranjal Gopal Shenoy and blessed by HH Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji and Sri Veerendra Hegde of Dharmasthal. On 20.4.83 the inaugration was done.

Sri Padmavati Temple
Karkala 574104

Padmavathi Temple was built in the year 1888 by HH Varadendra Theertha Swamiji. This temple is connected with Sri Venkatramana Temple and visited by Sri Venkatramana swamy 5 times a year during festivals.

Sri Veera Maruthi Temple
Karkala 574104

The temple which is situated opposite to Sri Venkatramana temple is believed to be nearly 400 years old with magnificient idol of 15 feet height. The temple was renovated in the year 1972. Ekadashi Bhajans grandly celebrated here on Margashira Shudha Ekadashi.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Karkala 574104

In the midst of the 14th century a G.S.B. Brahmin Soma Sharma with the help of Sri Soire Prabhu installed the idol brought by him from Tirupathi. Due to theft another idol was installed there. The affiliate deities are Sri Hanuman, Garuda, Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh. Kartika Deepothsava is grandly celebrated here.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Katapadi 574105

The history of the temple dates back to more than three centuries when a small temple was started by Sri Venkatesh Bhat with installation of idols of Sridevi, Bhudevi Sahita Sri Venkatramana Swamy and Shri Anant Shayana Swamy as utsavamoorthy given by HH Sri Upendra Thirtha Swamiji of kashimutt. During the course of time the temple was conceded to community members of katapadi town for managing. In 1919 Punarprathista of the temple was done by the sacred hands of Sri Sukrateendra Swamiji. Since then the temple has been growing with addition of parivara daivatas and ornaments, Dhwaja Stambha, Rathnam etc.

Other than regular religious festivals / utsavas Bhajana Saptha is celebrated every year in Ahwija and 7 day Rathotsava from Magha Shudha Chaturthi onwards.

Bhagamandala Sri Kashi Mutt
Bhagamandal (Coorg Dist.) 571247

The mutt at Bhagamandala on the banks of the river Kaveri, founded by Sudhindra Tirtha in 1960.

Sri Hale Mariamma Temple
Kaup 574106

Sri Hale Mariamma temple is believed to be built about 300 years ago. The management is in the hands of 10 Mahajans of Kaup.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Kaup 574106

This temple is more than 300 years old. The punarpratista was done in 1936. Kalyana Mantap and Vasanth Mantap have been built during 1976-82.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Muniyal 574108

This temple was founded at about 50 years ago. The prathistapana was held on 1.5.1930. The trustees of this temple belong to families of Bailangadi Nayaks, Kaduhole Pai and Andarau Kini. Sri Venkataramana Bhajana Mandali and G.S.B Yuvak Mandali are also functioning.

Sri Venugopal Mandir
Kashi Mutt
Naravi DK 574109

This temple was founded 90 years ago and now managed by Sri Kashi Mutt Samsthan. This village is surrounded by places like Arasakatta, Hosmar. Main deity is Lord Sri Venugopalkrishna.

Sri Laxmi Venkatramana Temple
Padubidri 574111

This temple was established about 135 years ago. With the grace of God, Holy Blessings of Sri Swamiji and with the help of devotees temple was renovated recently and Punarprathista of the idol was done by HH Sri Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji in the year 1971.

Shree Mahalasa Narayani Temple
Kashi Mutt
Shirva 574116

The deity of this temple was initially the family deity of Shanbhag family of Gangela. The temple was rebuily by the descendents of the family and reconsecrated in 1912 and reconstructed in 1926 at a new location close to the family residence. When the family members found it difficult to manage the temple on their own, they offered it to the Kashi Mutt Samsthan on 19.2.1968. Swamiji appointed a nine member committee to manage the temple.

Sri Mahaganapathi Temple
Karkal Taluk 574120

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Karkala Taluk

This is an ancient temple and the Punar Prathista of the temple took place in the year 1928. This temple attracts devotees from far and wide.

Sri Varadraya Venkatramana Temple
Gurpur DK 574145

This temple is believed to have been built in 1712 A.D. Punar-pratista was done in 1952.

Sri Ram Mandir
Kinnigoli 574150

Association was established in 1930 to conduct Bhajans. The temple dedicated to Lord Ramchandra was constructed in 1950. Marble idols of the deities were installed in 1961. Trikala pooja was started in 1971. The temple celebrates the Prathista Mahotsava, Rama Navami, Varamahalaxmi Vritam and Rigupakarma. And a 24 day Bhajana programme starting from Vijaya Dashami day.

Hale Kote Veera Maruthi Temple
Mulki 574154

This temple is an ancient temple belonging to G.S. Brahmins is believed that in olden days this temple was established by kings to encourage physical exercises.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Moolki 574154

This is another famous temple in S. Kanara Dist. situated on the banks of the river Shambhavi and it was called Moolikapura and also Olalanke. The temple has long history of more than 400 years and various dieties have been installed subsequently. Other than chief diety Sri Venkateshwara Swami the idol of Sri Vittal is said to be brought by Shri Sohiere Vittal Bhat from Goa while Shri Ugra Narasimha Swami idol was installed in 1569 A.D. by Sri Vijayeendra Theertha Swamiji of Sri Kashi Mutt. The utsava Murthi, Sri Bindhu Madhava's idol was found by Sri Madhavendra Thirtha of Sri Kashi Mutt.

The darshana of Kalabhirava is famous for advising solution for difficulty of dvotees. The Deeksha ceremony of Sri Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji was held here in 1944 which was an epoch making event in the history of our community.

Prathista Vardhanthi is held on every Margashira Poornima is famous.

Sri Laxmi Narsimha Temple
Ullal 574159

To protect their family deities from the destruction of the portuguese, the elders of Sri Subba Bhat brought idol of Sri Laxmi Narasimha along with other deities Sri Shantha Durga and Sri Vijaya Durga from Goa to Ullal and they installed this idol in the temple which was earlier the temple of   Rakteshwari. On the eastern side they established the temple Rakteshwari. The "Darshana" seva here is very famous.

Sri Laxmi Venkataramana Temple
Puttur 574201

This temple was built in the year 1899 A.D. at the behest of Sri Mhala Pai. The foundation stone for new temple was layed by HH Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji in the year 1960. Prathistapana of temple was done in the year 1963.

Sri Madangaru Naga Brahmara
Bantwal DK 574211

This temple was established about 400 years ago by Nandavar Family and the renovation of the temple was done in the year 1952.

Sri Bantwal Sri Kashi Mutt
Bantwal 574211

The Mutt at Bantval housing the Vrindavan Devendra Tirtha.

Sri Tirumala Venkatramana Swami Temple
Bantwal 574211

The temple of Sri Tirumala Swami, is old one but actual date of its origin is not known. However temple (as it is) was consecrated at the hands of Sri Sukrateendra Swamiji of Kashi Mutt in 1918. Since then this temple has grown in wealth and glory. Lakshadeepotsava in Kartika, Gopurotsava in Margashira and Saptami and Laksha-flower pooja in Shravana are some of the important utsavas held while annual Rathotsava is held from Falguna Shukla Tratiya.

The temple is managed by hereditory trustees belonging to 7 families.

Sree Thirumala Venkatramana Temple
Belthangady 574214

Situated on the Belthangady - Dharmasthala road, about 200m. from Belthangady bus-stand, the temple was constructed about 73 years back. The idols originnaly belonged to Sri Appayya Shanbhogues family, residing in Sinha Gadh (Jamalabad) for more than 2 centuries. Sri Rayappa Shenoy built the temple near his residence at Laila village in 1916 and appointed Sri Venkatraya Srinivas Bhat as the Archak. His nephew Sri Rama Bhat is the current Archak. The Shenoy family is meeting most of the expenses of the temple.

Sri Rama Bhajana Mandir
Mithabail 574226

Tha mandir building was inaugrated in 1972 and the samaj members are conducting their activities. A Kalyana Mantap has also been constructed.

Sri Mahalsa Narayani Devasthan
Moodabidri 574227

This is an ancient temple and moorthi being worshipped was brought over from Mahalsa Narayani Devasthan at Mardol-Goa, many centuries back.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Moodabidri 574227

This temple was developed by the Mahajanas of Moodabidri. The temple was renovated in the year 1963 and re-installation of the idol of Venkatramana took place.

Sri Veeravittala Venkatramana Swamy Temple
Panemangalore 574231

The temple is nearly 200 years old and date of its original pratishta is not available. The temple had become old and delapidated due to floods in 1923 and 1974. Hence same was renovated and punarpratishtha of dieties were consecrated by the holy hands of Sri Kashi Mutt Swamiji on 25.4.1977. Kartika poornima and other periodical utsava are celebrated grandly.

Shri Gopalkrishna Devaru Trust
Punjalkatte 574233

In 1900 Shrimad Varadendra Theertha Swamiji of Sri Kashi Mutt performed the prathistapana programme.
In 1978 the management was handed over to ten members of the Punjalkatta town from Late Sri Krishna Baliga's family.

Sri Rama Bhajana Mandir
Ujire 574240

The Mandir was built in 1937 to conduct the annual Bhajanas for 12 days during Kartik started more than 65 years ago. The temple was built by the community members of the area. The Mandir was blessed by HH Srimad Sukrateendra Thirtha Swamiji during its construction and Late Sri D Manjayya Hegde presented an oil painting painted by him of Bhagavan Sri Kodanda Rama. Since then regular religious ceremonies have been conducted during Rama Navami, Kartik Purnima, Prathisthapan day, etc. as well as regular Bhajans on festival days and Sundays. In 1957 halls were built for marriages and Upanayanams. They were inaugrated by HH Srimad Sudheendra Thirtha Swamiji.

Sri Laxmi Venkataramana Temple
Uppinangady 574241

This is an ancient temple believed to be built about 300 years ago. But its Prathistapana was done by Srimad Purna Prajna Theertha Swamiji of Gokarna Mutt in 1877 and its centenary celebrations were held in the year 1977.

Sri Damodar Temple
Kolalgiri Post
Udupi Taluk (D.K.)

The temple was established 7.3.1965. The temple celebrates annually its Prathista Day, Navarathri with Chandika Homa and Ganesh Chaturthi.

Gollarakeri Hanumantha Devasthana
Mangalore DK 575001

Shri Vittobha Rukmai Temple
V T Road
Mangalore 575001

This temple was founded by Srimad Varadendra Thirtha Swamiji of Sri Kashi Mutt in 1899. Every year, this temple is performing   Bhajana Sapthaha in befitting manner during Karthika Masa.

Sri Krishna Mandir
Vithoba Temple Road
Mangalore 575001

The punarprathista was done in 1972 by HH Swamiji of Sri Kashi Mutt.

Sri Mahamaya Temple
Mangalore 575001

The idol of Goddess Mahamaya was brought from Goa by some devoteees due to unbearable depression by Portugese in Goa. Because of destruction by theives the temple was renovated after 1783 A.D.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Car Street
Mangalore 575001

This was founded in 17th century and is one of the prominent G.S.B. temples in the district.

Sri Satyanaratan Temple
Temple Road
Mangalore 575002

This temple is situated in Kadri Temple road and was started at the behest of Late Panambur Narasimha Vasudev Bhat in 1940. The idol was installed by HH Shri Sukratheendra Theertha Swamiji of Sri Kashi Mutt.

Sri Arka Mahaganapathi Temple
Dongarakeri Cross Road
Mangalore 575003

This temple was established by Sri P Dayananda Bhat about 13 years back. The Prathistapana of the idol of Lord Ganesh was done by HH Sri Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji of Kashimutt.

Konchadi Sri Kashi Mutt
Sree Venkatramana Temple
Mangalore 575008

Pratista of the temple is done by HH Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji in the year 1967 i.e. on May 11th. In this temple there is Vittal idol which is given by Vishnu Kirthana Mandali. "Ekaha" on Karthika Ekadashi and Ashada Ekadashi are main in this temple, even there is daily Bhajana Seva.

Sri Laxmi Venkatesh Temple
Udupi 576101

The foundation of the temple was laid by the holy hands of Shree Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamiji in the land donated by Smt. Sridevi Nayak and the temple Prathista was done by the sacred hand of Shree Varadendra Thirtha Swamiji on 29.04.1896. Since then the temple has grown with addition of Parivara Daivathas and construction of many halls / Kalyana Mantapas.

The temple is running free dispensary for benefit of community and office of Shree Kashi Mutt Welfare fund is situated here. While regular Utsavas like Prathista Vardanthi and Kartika Poornima are celebrated grandly. The Bhajana Saptaha held from Nag Panchami is very famous.

Sri Gopalakrishna Temple
Kashi Mutt
Udupi TQ

Situated in Udupi Puttur. This temple was built in the 18th century is known for its natural beauty.  The chief deity of the temple  Lord Sri Gopalkrishna accompanied by Seetha Rama, Laxman, Kodandaram, Ganapathi and Veeranjaneya. This is a unique combination.

Sri Vithoba Mandir
Belmannu 576111

The Bhajana Mandir was inaugurated in 1969 by Sri Kashimuttt Swamiji. The annual Bhajan programme is held from Magha Shuddha Pratipada to Poornima and ends with Avabratotsava. A community hall "Sri Sudheendra Kalyan Mantap: has been recently constructed near the temple.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Kaallianpur 576114

This is an ancient temple located on the banks of Suvarna river. Sri Bhudevi sahita Venkatramana Swamy is chief diety. The beautiful utsava moorthy of Balkrishna was found in Suvarna river about two hundred years ago on a Kartika Poornima day while the deity was on the way to Vanabhojana on a boat.

The "Darshana" of Agnibhairav held in temple is very famous and lot of devotees come here for finding suitable solution for their difficulty by consulting the oracle. Other than regular Utsavas the Bhajana Saptha is held from Margashira Panchami onwards for seven days.

The newly built "Sri Vyasa Sabha Bhavan" and "Sri Sadguru Prasad" are inagurated by the holy hands of Sri Kashi Mutt swamiji on 30.11.89 and "Vyasotsava" was held upto 15.01.90. On this ocassion an exhibition of deities and temples belonging to our community all over India and also abroad is held.

Sri Vithoba Temple
Mundkur 576121

This temple is inaugrated by the hands of Sri Sukratendra Swamiji of Kashi Mutt on 25.02.1942 with Sri Vithobha Rukmini and Satyabhama as chief deities. Various periodical utsavas and Bhajana programmes are regularly held at temple.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Someshwar 576129

According to some available informations we can conclude that this temple was built about 1000 years ago and it is popularly known as Etupeteyadevasthana. The renovation of the temple took place in the year 1952.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Kundapur 576201

The vigraha of Sri Venkatramana was installed in the temple in 1815. The punarpratistapana was done in 1874 and the second punar-pratistapana was done in 1959.

Sri Vittal Devasthan
Kundapur 576201

The oldest GSB Temple in Kundapura. The renovation of the temple was completed in 1942.

Sree Pattabhi Ramachandra Temple
Barkur 576210

The temple was constructed on 22.5.1962 by HH Srimad Sudheendra Thirtha Swamiji.

Shree Venkatramana Temple
Shree Kashi Mutt
Basrur 576211

The Mutt at Basrur, founded by Keshavendra Tirtha, Vrindavabs of this Swamiji and of Bhuvanedra Tirtha are housed in this mutt.

Sri Kamakshi Temple
Basrur 576211

In this temple there is Bhajan programme by women on every Friday under the leadership of  Kamalaksha (Manjunath) Acharya.

Sri Lakshmi Damodar Temple
Basrur 576211

This temple is reconsecrated in the year 1980 and in this temple there is Bhajana programme on every Monday under the leadership of Kamalaksha (Manjunath) Acharya.

Sri Pete Anjaneya Temple
Basrur 576211

This temple is reconsecrated by HH Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji about 35 years back and on every Saturday Bhajana is conducted by the local GSBs under the leadership of Sri Kamalaksha (Manjunath) Acharya.

Kochikar Family Temple
Brahmavara D.K. 576213

One of the ancestors of the Kochikar family residing at Brahmavar, while returning from Tirupathi had brought an idol of Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh, later became the family deity of the Kochikar family.

Since over 60 years their kuladevatha Sri Shanteri, Sri Kamakshi, Sri Betal, Sri Kalabhairav, Sri Purush are worshipped here.

Sri Lakshmi Venkatramana Temple
Bhramavara 576213

About 250 years ago a Archak belonging to GSB community established a small temple and he installed the idol of Lakshmi Venkatramana there. It was renovated recently.

Sri Veera Vittal Temple
Udupi Taluk

This temple is situated on the shore of the river Suvarna and surrounded by a lake. It is believed to be built about 40 years ago. The two great personalities responsible for the development of the temple are Badragiri brothers (Sri Achutdas and Sri Keshavadas).

Sree Rama Mandir
Sri Kashi Mutt
Udupi Taluk

This Rama Mandir was established in the year 1930. Along with idols of Goddess Sita, Laxmana & Hanuman the idol of Lord Sri Rama was installed here. The mandir has been a great centre of worship to a large number of devotees of GSB community. The renovation of the building is taken up now.

Sree Ambiks Devasthana
Main Road
Gangulli 576216

In the center of city Gangulli there is a temple called Ambika Temple, but the main deity is Sri Jagadamba and affiliate deity is Sri Gopal Krishna. The Archaks with the co-operation of the Mahajan of the samaj conduct the activities of the temple.

Sri Vittala Rakumayi Temple
Gangulli 576216

It is believed by some of the samaj Bandhawas of Ganguli, Idol of Vittal Rukumayi here was installed in 19th century. In the year 1922 the reinstallation of main deity was done. HH Sudeendra Swami's Vasanthotsava was held in 1992.

Kota Sri Kashimutt
Kota 576221

This is another branch of Kashi Mutt Samsthan in South Kanara with Sri Muralidhar Krishna as Chief deity installed in 1924. The mutt was renovated in 1963 and also community hall Sri Sukrateendra Kalamandir was constructed. Other than regular religious festivals the annual Bhajana Sapthaha is held from Shravana Krishna Dwitiya to Navami.

The mutt is managed by a managing committee nominated by Sri Kashi Mutt Swamiji.

Sri Pattabhi Ramachandra Temple
Koteshwar 576222

With the modest begining of a Bhajana Mandir, the installation of Sri Pattabhi Ramachandra in the temple was accomplished in 1940 and the Golden Jubilee is being celebrated in 1990.

Sri Laxmi Venkatramana Temple
PO Yedabettu 576226

This temple of Kundapura Taluk is one of the ancient temples belonging to the GSB community. Established in the 16th Century. The idol of Sri Venkatramana along with Sri Devi and Bhudevi installed here were given by a yogi.

Sri Mahamaya Temple
PO Yedabettu, VIA-Sasthan 576226

The old temple of Sri Mahamaya in Chempi was renovated and constructed in 1971 by HH Shri Kashimutt Swamiji.

Sri Sagara Venkatramana Temple
Chempi 576226

The idol of Chief Deity Sri Venkatramana with Sri Devi, Sri Bhudevi belonging to a Pai family in Sagar was handed over to family of Sri Narayan Bhat of Chempi in the beginning of 19th century and was installed in a newly built temple in 1873 and Shatamahotsava and Punar pratista was done in 1973 at the sacred hands of Sri Kashimutt Swamiji.

Sree Durga Honnamma Devasthan
Kelapet Siddapur 576229

Sree Laxmi Venkatesh Devasthan
Kundapur Taluk 576229

Sree Naga Devasthan
Siddapur 576229

Sree Durga Honnamma Devi Moolasthan
Siddapur 576229

Tallur Sree Vittal Devasthana
Kundapura DK 576230

This temple is having two hundred years of history and 70-75 years ago this temple was renovated by Prabhu family.

Sri Vira Vittala Temple
Sauda Post
Kundapur Taluk

Sri Laxmivenkatramana Temple
Uppunda 576232

The temple is around 300 years old and was called "Appayya Bhattara Mutt" in those days. 30 years ago it has been renovated and punarpratishta was done at the hands of Sri Gokarna Mutt Swamiji. Periodical Utsavas like Ramanavami, Pratishta Vardhanti Ganeshotsava are carried on regularly.

Sri Rama Mandir
Udupi Taluk 576234

This mandir was opened in 1932 and is managed by a committee of seven members.

Shree Veera Vittala Laxmi Narasimha Temple
Hosangadi 576282

Sri Sita Ramajaneya Mandir
Agumbe 577411

The idol of Anjaneyaswami was discovered in this area and the same was installed in the mandir erected for the purpose in 1980. It is believed that the idols of Sri Rama, Ganapathi, Rudra, Sesha area also lying beneath in this area and the same would be discovered soon.

Sree Arya Durga Temple
Ankola 581314

This temple in Ankola is established by a Sanyasi about 300 years ago and stapana. The Sanyasi who installed the idol had his samadhi in front of this temple. The renovation of the temple took place recently.

Sri Kundodhari Mahamaya Chamundeshwari Temple
Ankola 581314

The idols are brought from Goa about 460 years ago because of destruction of temple by Portuguese in Goa and installed in this temple. The temple of Goddess Kundodari was renovated in the year 1979 AD. In 1983 Golden Kalasha was installed here.

Sri Katyayini Baneshwara Temple
Aversa 581316

Boat Shaped, this temple of Aaavarsa was constructed by a merchant about 400 years ago for deity brought from Banavali in Goa. Sri Grama Purusha, Sri Katyayini, Sri Baneshwar, Sri Ganapathi, Sri Rama Purusha, Sri Nirakara, Sri Kala Bhairav, Sri Dauda, these deities are affiliated to this temple.

Sri Ganapathi Ravalnath Mahamaya Temple
Asnoti 581317

This deity was shifted from Goa where it was originally located in Ella in Tiswadi taluka. The present temple building was constructed and consecrated in 1913. Sri Laxmi Narasimha, Sri Vanadevi, Sri Buthanath are the affiliate deities worshipped here.

Sree Laxminarayana
Sree Ramanath Shanteri Kamakshi Nagabhairava
Bethal Devasthan
Bhatkal NK 581320

The maain deities - Sri Shanteri, Kamakshi, Laxminarayana and Ramnath are worshipped here along with affiliate deities - Naga Bhairava   and Bethal. The temple was renovated in the year 1951 AD.

Sri Devaki Krishna Mahalaxmi Ravalnath Temple
Heravatta (NK) 581332

These deities were brought from Chodan island in Goa in 16th century and present temple was renovated in 1950 with punarpratista of idols. Affiliate deities are Bhumika, Sri Mallinath, Sri Bhagavathi, Sri Narayani annd various purushas. The annual Pratisthavaardanthi is held on Jesta sudha dwitiya onwards and Navarathri as well as flower poojam in shravana masa are celebrated.

Sri Mahalaxmi Ravalnath Temple
Hiregutti 581333

This deity was worshipped at Diwadi island of Tiswadi taluka in Goa and was shifted from there in 1540 due to Portuguese invasion, was brought in small country boat through Aghanashini river and installed here. In 1935 new bimba was installed and the temple newly constructed in 1950. Navaratri is main festival celebrated here as also annual Pratista vardanthii in Phalguna Shudha Saptami.

Sri Mahalsa Narayani Shanteri Temple
Kumta 581343

During Portuguese persecusion in the 16th century many GSB families migrated from Goa to South and brought along their family deities and installed them in neew settlement. This is one such temple whose original deity was located in Verna in Salacette in Goa. The affiliate deities are Sri Gramapurusha, Sri Bhagavathi, Sri Daud Shankara and Sri Kalabhairav. Navarathri and Deepootsava from Ashvija Va Chaturtee to Kartika Poornima is grandly celebrated here.

Sri Rayeshwar Kavur Kamakshi Kala Bhairav Temple
Kumta 581343

This deity was originally located in Raia of Salcette taluka of Goa and further transferred to Shiroda in Goa. The devotees who migrated to south built this temple in Kumta in 16th century. Navaratri Jatra is held for 15 days and rremoving "Vadas" from boiling hands with bare hands on this ocassion is a special event of this place.

Sri Shanteri Kamakshi Ramnath Laxminarayan Temple
Kumta 581343

Last Punarpratistapana was held in 1955. Ramnavami, flower pooja  in Shravana and Navaratri  Utssava are celebrated with great grandeur and devotion.

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Kumta 581343

This was Sri Gopalkrishna temple about 800 years back. A sadhu had with him an idol of Sri Venkatesh which he was worshipping, he handed over the same to the temple authorities before he left this world and this idol is the Utsava moorthy in the temple. Though the temple is in the hands of the GSBs it is a math for the other sects of hindus and all of them worship him together during Rathotsav.

Sree Maha Ganapathi Mahamaya Devasthan
Shirali 581354

This ancient temple is believed to be built aboout 450 years ago. The Punar Prathistapana of the main deities here took place in the year 1940 AD. Temple was rrenovated in the year 1959.

Sri Laxmi Venkatesh Temple
Siddapur 581355

About 100 GSB families reside here. The renovation work of Sri Laxmi Venkatesh  Temple took place in 1961 and the GSB samaj members are earnestly carrying on the work for their betterment.

Sri Laxminarayan Mahamaya Temple
Ankola 581357

The GS Brahmins who fled from Goa about 1510 AD with their family deities (Kuladevatha idols) came here and settled. The idol of gold in this temple is taken out for worship once in ten-fifteen years. The punarprathistapana of the temple took place in 1975.

Sri Gopalakrishna Mandir
Shirsi 581401

Once the temples of UK belonging to the GSB community, established in the year 1876 AD. It is said that the idol installed here is carved in Karkal. Sri Krishna Janamastami  and Anantha Chaturdashii are main utsavas of this temple.

Sri Shambulingeshwara Temple
Katagala 581443

Other than chief deity, Sri Ganapathi and Sri Mahishamardhini are worshipped in this temple. The temple was renovated in 1976. Shivaratri is celebrated grandly every year.

Sri Laxmi Venkatramana Temple
Bellare 583101

About 650 years ago a (sanyasi) yogi with the help of Mahajanas of Bellare established this temple. Affiliate deity here Goddess Durga Parameshwari.

Hemmadi Sri Kashi Mutt
Hemmadi 576249

The Mutt at Hemmady, originally donated by the residents of this town to Keshavendra Tirtha.

Batkal Sri Kashi Mutt
Batkal  581320

The Mutt at Bhatkal, originally donated by one Jog Mallya to the first Swamiji, Yadavendra Tirtha.

Sri Dattathreya Mandir
West of Cord Road
Bangalore 560010

Shree Venkatramana Temple
Hejamadi (D.K.) 574103

Karkal Sri Kashi Mutt
Karkal 574104

Shree Veera Vittala Temple
Katapady 574105

Shree Veera Vittala Temple
Katapady 574105

Shree Rama Mandir
Donderangadi (D.K.)

Shree Veera Vittala Temple
Udyavara 574118

Shree Vitobha Bhajana Mandir
Haleangadi D.K. 574146

Shree Mahaganapathy Temple
Mulki (DK) 574154

Suratkal Kashi Mutt
Suratkal 574158

Shree Mahamaya Temple
Puttur (DK) 574201

Shree Laxmi Narasimha Temple
Bantwal (DK) 574211

Shree Venkatramana Temple
Belthangady 574214

Shree Mahamaya Temple
Mani P.O. (DK) 574253

Shree Laxmi Narsimha Temple
Ariala (DK) 574274

Acharya Mutt
Near S V Temple
Car Street
Mangalore 575001

Kavle Mutt
Mangalore 575001

Sri Jodu Mutt
Gowri Mutt Street
Mangalore 575001

Shree Gokarna Mutt
Car Street
Mangalore 575001

Sri Kankathreya Mutt
Car Street
Mangalore 575001

Sri Katyayani Mutt
G T Road
Mangalore 575001

Sri Parvathacharya Mutt
G T Road
Mangalore 575001

Sri Krishna Mutt
Mangalore 575003

Sri Ganapathi Mutt
Mangalore 575005

Shree Mahalasa Narayani Temple
Mangalore 575008

Shree Venkatramana Temple
Mangalore (DK) 575010

Acharya Mutt
Udupi 576101

Shree Durga Parameshwari Temple
Malpe 576118

Shree Laxmi Narayan Temple
Kundapur (DK) 576201

Shree Gokarna Mutt
Basroor 576211

Sri Mahalasa Narayani Temple
P.O. Basrur 576211

Shree Rama Mandir
Brahmavar (DK) 576213

Shree Ram Mandir
P.O. Santhekatte
Via-Cherkadi (Udupi TQ.) 576215

Shree Rama Pai Mutt
Gangulli (DK) 576216

Shree Mallyara Mutt
Venkatramana Temple
Gangolli 576216

Shree Ganapathy Temple
Vandse (DK) 576233

Shree Gopinath Temple
Hammadi 576249

Shree Varadaraj Venkatramana Temple
Salikeri P.O. (DK) 576260

Shree Venkatramana Temple
Sringeri (Shimoga DT) 577139

Shree Rama Devasthana
Ratnagiri Road
Chikamagalur 577101

Shree Venkatramana Temple
Kalasa (Shimoga DT.) 577124

Shree Muralidhar Mutt
Karwar (NK) 581301

Shree Laxmi Venkatramana Temple
Sagar 577401

Gujaripete Shree Venkatramana Devaru
Nagar (Shimoga DT.) 577425
Sri Ram Mandir
Shimoga DT. 577432

Shree Veera Vittala Mutt
Ankola (NK) 581314

Sri Vadera Mutt
Bhatkal 581320

Sri Sita Ramachandra Temple
Bilgi 581322

Sri Sita Ramachandra Temple
Sirsi (NK) 581322

Shree Jeevotham Mutt
Gokarna 581326

Sri Gaudapadacharya Mutt
Gokarna (NK) 581326

Sri Mukyaprana Venkatramana Temple
Haldipur 581327

Sri Venkatramana Temple
Haladipur 581327

Sri Laxmi Narayana Temple
Heereguthi 581333
Kumta NK.

Sri Dhada Shankara Temple
Kumta NK

Shree Venkatramana Temple
Mallyara Mutt
Honnawar 581334

Shree Laxmivenkatesha Mutt
Manki 581348

Sri Gaudapadacharya Mutt
Sadashivagada, Karnataka 581352

Sri Gopal Krishna Temple
Kasarkod (Honavar Taluk) 581342

Shree Laxmivenkatesha Temple
(Sri Mallyara Mutt)
Shirali 581354

Shree Laxmi Venkatesh Temple
Yellapur 581359

Sri Gokarna Prathagali Jeevotham Mutt
Veera Maruthi Extension
Belgaum 590016

Sri Gauda Padacharya Mutt
Khanapur - Belgaum DT. 591302

Sri Gaudapadacharya Mutt
Sri Vittal Sri Vishweshwar Temple
Halage UK (Karnataka) 


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