Sree Venkatramana Temple 
Cannanore 670003

Sri Venkatesh Bhat of Mangalore came to Cannanore and opened a small Bhajana cum Worship hall in the 17th century, which was earlier called Venkatesh Bhat's Mutt. Later, the Prathistha of Sri Venkattramana was performed and shrine of Goddess Mahamaya was also built and it came to be known as Sree Venkataramana Temple.

Sri Venkatramana Temple 
Railway Station Road 
Kasaragod 670121

The temple was initially built in 1772 as a temporary structure by the community members of Kasargod. A permanent structure was built in early 1799 when managements were made for permanent sevas at the temple. The management was left to the priests. Due to internal conflicts among priests, the community took over the management in 1858. But, due to theft of the diety and its property in 1897-98 the temple was closed. It was re-established and re-consecrated by HH Srimad Varadendra Thirtha Swamiji in 1905. The temple again got into difficulties due to fight amongst priests who claimed it as their property in 1913. The legal battle was waged upto 1930 when it was settled in favor of the community. Fresh Archaks were appointed in 1913. An annual Bhajana Saptaha was started in 1910. After a fire in 1921 part of the temple was renovated. In 1935 Sukratheendra Mandir was built along with a community kitchen. A temple tank was also completed. Venkatesha Mandir was built in 1946. In April 1952 it was decided to rectify the defects in the temple and re-consecrate  the five idols of the temple at the Holy hands of HH Srimad Sudheendra Thirtha Swamiji. The re-consecration took place on 29th March, 1954.

Sri Laxmi Venkatesh Temple 
Kanhangad 670315

Built a big Kalyan Mantap in the holy name of "Sri Sudhindra Kalyana Mantap" at a cost of Rs. 12 lakhs. One more building in the holy name of "Shri. Bhuvanendra Kala Mandir" costing about Rs.6.5 lakhs was under construction as of December 1989.

Sri Veera Vittala Temple 
Kumbla 670321

The temple is an ancient one and date of its original installation is not available. Sri Rama and Sri Veera Vittala are chief dieties worshipped here. While swayamwara Vittala moorthy is utsava moorthy.

The Pratista Vardanthi on Magha Shudha Shasti and Kartika Poornima are important festivals of the temple.

Sri Anantheshwara Temple 
Manjeshwar 670323

This is one of the oldest, most important among 18 temples belonging to our community. It has long history of more than 12 centuries and has been renovated from time to time. Other than the Udbha Va Linga of chief diety Sri Bhadra Narasimha Swami and Sri Subhramanya Swami are worshipped in the temple. The Shasti festival celebrated from Margarashira Prathipada to Sapthami is important festival celebrated here. The temple also runs schools and has a community hall and choultry for pilgrims.

Sri Panduranga Mandir 
Sri Sukratendra Kalamandir Kamath Lane 
Near Railway Station 
Calicut 673002

The temple was constructed and inaugurated on 4th May 1969. Other than Ashada and Kartika Ekadashi, Datta Jayanthi and Paschim Jagara in kartika masa are celebrated and well attended.

Sri Kashi Muth 
Near Chemgam 
West Hill 
Calicut 673005

Established in 1983 by the efforts of M/S Bhat Bros. Of Calicut  and some devotees. The mutt conducts many religious functions and entrusted to the sacred feet of Srimad Sudheendra Thirtha Swamiji.

Shree Prasadapureswara Devaswom 
Trichur 680732

The principal diety is Mukunda Krishna (Chaturbhuja). The 80th anniversary of the pratista took place in 1980.

Cochin Thirumala Devaswom 
Cochin 682002

This temple is the biggest and greatest socio-religious institution of Gowda Saraswath Brahmin Samaj and is one of the Mahakshetrams of kerala. It is situated in the heart of Mattancherry town in a vast spread area. This temple was established by Saraswat Brahman Community in 1599 AD.

Sree Dharmaasastha Temple 
West of Thirumala Devaswom Temple 
Cochin 682002

The diety was found by ancestors of present trustees and has been worshipped by Bhat family of Gargigotra.

Sri Damodar Temple 
Sashasti Parambu 
North Cheralai 
Cochin 682002

Sri Garuda Temple 
Near T D Temple 
Cochin 682002

This temple is situated on the outer prakaras of the T.D.temple. The idol of Sri Garuda is about 6 feet in its height.

Sri Hanuman Temple 
Near T.D. Temple 
Cochin 682002

This temple is located on the outer prakaras of the T.D. Temple. The idol of hanuman is about 6 feet in height. It is belived that the idol of Hanuman was brought to Cochin by Kalaga Prabhu from the holy place of Rameshwaram. The temple contains one of the biggest bells in India.

Sri Keraleshwar Devasthan 
Keraleshwar Street 
South Cherlai 
Cochin 682002

This is Shiva temple built in the 18th century by a Gowda Saraswath merchant called Kalaga Prabhu with a shivaling brought from Rameshwaram. This temple was later passed on to Raja of Cochin who handed it to Cochin Tirmala Devaswom for managing in 1780 A.D. Nagadevata is also worshipped. Mahashivratri is grandly celebrated here.

Udyaneswara Temple
North Eastern Side of T.D. Temple 
Cochin 682002

This Udyaneshwara temple is situated on north eastern side of lake Mandapan of Tirumala devaswom. Tradition has it that the gigantic lingam of Lord Shiva enshrined in the temple belonged to an ancient shrine Trikkanna Mathilakam. This lingam is said to have been installed by Parashurama for the benefit of Nambudiri Brahmins. Because of its destruction by the Dutch it was reinstalled. So the idol which was of 18 feet height is now visible only about four and half feet above ground level.

Vrindavan Temple 
Near C T D Temple 
Cochin 682002

This Vrindavan temple is built in memory of  H H Srimad Sukrateendra Thirtha Swamiji of Kashi Mutt Samsthan, former spiritual head of the G.S.B. community. This temple was constructed at the spot where the body of his holiness was inturned and image of Sri Hanuman is consecrated. Special poojas and Archanas are performed in the temple on the samadhi day of H H Srimad Sukrateendra Thirtha Swamiji in the month of june/july.

Sree Dhanwanthari Devaswom 
18/494 Vembrakkat 
Behind PTD Palluruthy 
Cochin 682006

This Devaswom in Palluruthy has been established by GS Brahmins in Cochin.

Karnakodam Sree Venkatachalapathy Temple 
Cochin 682025

This is the only G.S.B temple where the Adhi Sree Narayana Moorthi in full Avathara of Vishnu and Sree Venkatachalapathymoorthy of Kaliyug are being worshipped from 13th Century.

Shree Bhadra Narasimhaswami Temple 
T D Road 
Cochin 682035

The idol installed in this temple was the family deity of Sri Venkateshwara Bhat Archak of the Thirumala Temple of Ernakulam. As per the directions of H H Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji, a trust was formed to manage the temple on 2.5.86. On 3.7.87, foundation stone was laid by them and the reconstruction ceremony was performed by His Holiness on 24th March, 1989.

The temple celebrates the festivals of Vasantha Pooja, Narsimha Jayanthi, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Anantha Vritha, etc. annually.

Sri Durga Devi Temple 
T D Road
Cochin 682035

The temple was built in 1934 by 4 sons of Naga Prabhu. Stone idol of presiding deity Sri Shanta Durga was installed along with that of Bethal and four other upadevathas. Daily Pooja, monthly homas, Rudrabhishekha, annual Prathisth day ceremonies, Sata Kalashabisheka etc. are conducted by the Kula Purohit of the family. Eldest male member of the family manages the temple with the contribution from all members of the family for the prescribed rituals.

Sri Ernakulam Tirumala Devaswom ( T D Temple ) 
T D Road 
Ernakulam 682035

The temple was established in 1727 A.D. with Pratishta of Sri Laxmi Venkatesha as Chief Deity. Other Parivara devatas like Sri Mahalakshmy, Sri Ganapathy, Sri Hanuman and Sri Garuda were installed later on. Since then renovations have been done from time to time. Work of Suvarna Garuda Vahanam costing Rs. 50 lakhs was completed in 1989.

Sri Gopalkrishna Swami Devaswom 
T D Road 
Cochin 682035

One of the most prominent among family temples in Kerala. The idols were brought from Goa to save it from destruction of the Portuguese, to save our religion, rituals and culture.

The presiding deity here is the kuladevata of Bharadwaj Gotra, Atri Gotra Gowda Saraswaths. This temple closely resembles th the famous temple at Marshel in Goa.

Sri Krishna Vadyar who was grand sire and leader of 10 families immigrated here, erected this temple. Later his brother Achutha Vadhyar moved to Ernakulam with the idol and settled down there. The Sixtieth anniversary of the consecration of Gopalkrishna Swamy temple was celebrated in Feb. 1976 under guidance of H H Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji.

Balakrishna Swami Devaswom 
Ernakulam 682501

It is one of 3 temples belonging to G.S. Brahmin community in the Vypeen island and popularly known as Vypeen Guruvayur. The Centenary of the temple was celebrated in 1995 A.D.

Sree Balabadrakali Devaswom 
Alwaye 683101

One of the oldest and rarest Sila Vigraha of Devi in Alwaye town.

Sree Venkatachalapathi Devaswom 
North Parur 
Kerala 683513

One of the ancient temples of Kerala belonging to G.S. Brahmins was established in the fourth quarter of the 17th century. In the year 1988, H H Sudheendra Swamiji's Vasanthotsava and Centenary celebrations of the temple were celebrated.

Sree Betal Temple 
Northern Side of Varaha Temple 
Cherai Kerala 683514

One of the oldest temples in Kerala. The G.S.B. families from Goa came here around 1550 A.D. and settled in the area between Azheekal and Elankunnapuzha in the Vypeen island.

Sree Vitobha Temple 
Southern side of Varaha Temple 
Cherai 683514

Due to religious persecution by the Portuguese rulers G.S. Brahmins were forced to migrate to Kerala. Sree Vitobha was the family deity of Kasyapa Gotra G.S. Brahmins and it has been installed in the house of Anantha Vadyar.

Sri Laxminarayana Ragupathi Devaswom ( Kashi Mutt) 
Kerala 683515

Pratistha of the deities Sri Laxminarayana and Raghupathi was conducted in 1877 A.D. The temple was built and the installation ceremony was conducted in 1881 A.D. The temple was handed over to Shri Kashi Mutt Samsthan in 1980 and is being managed by a committee nominated by H H Swamiji.

Sri Varahaswami Temple 
Varapuzha P.O.
Ernakulam DT. 
Kerala 683517

It is said in its history that this idol of Varaha swami was brought from Goa. It is believed that the idol of Vidaranarasimha Moorthy which was being worshipped by local devotees was shifted to Dharma Guru Mulki Temple of Kashi Mutt Samsthan and was replaced by magnificent seven hooded idol of Varahaa Swami which was installed here. The reinstallation rituals of this temple took place in the Malayalam era 1127. The principal deity is flanked by Laxmi Venkatesh and Garuda Venkatesh in the sanctum.

In the east and west directions of this temple are situated shrines of Hanuman and Mahaganapathy. Administration is done by Alleppey Ananthanarayana Puram Thurvoor Thirumala Devaswom committee.

Tirumala Devaswom 
Kerala 688001

This temple is about 350 years old. This attractive temple houses the idols of Lord Sri Venkatesa with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi. Two of the yathis of Sri Kashi Mutt had their Maha Samadhi in the temple premises.

Sri Balabadra Devi Temple 
Sherthalley 688531

This is a family temple. The G.S.B members of the area made a committee and this temple is running smoothly. The president is the head of the family to whom this temple belongs. Prathista Mahotsava is celebrated on Pushya Nakshatra in the month of Makara every year. On every Friday and on every Sankramana pooja will be held in this temple.

Kochu Thirumala Devaswam 
Aroor Ananthanarayanapuram 
SLS Mandir 
S S N Puram 
Aroor 688534

The deity of Sri Lakshmi Venkatachalapathi af Aroor Ananthanaratanapuram Kochutirumala Devaswam was installed and worshipped for the last 12 years ( as of 1989).

Sree Venu Gopala Devaswom 
Purakkad 690551

Sree Venu Gopala Deva Swamy Temple, Purakkad is the oldest temple of G.S. Temples in Keralaa i.e. more than 400 years old. The deity to whom the parents surrender their children and infants for the welfare. The temple is running a school called S.V.D.U.P School.

Pallipuram Sri Kashi Mutt 
P.O. Palliport 
( Pallipuram) 683515

The Mutt at Pallipuram founded by Sudhindra Tirtha

Manjeshwar Sri Kashi Mutt 
Manjeshwar 670323

The Mutt at Manjeshwar, housing the Vrindavans of Vibhudendra Tirtha and Vasudendra Tirtha.

Shree Laxmi Narasimha Temple
Telicherry 670101

Shree Vittobha Temple 
Payyannoor ( Cannanore DT.) 670307

Shree Raja Gopalaswamy Devaswom 
Kodungallur 680664

Shree Ravalnatha Temple 
Cranganore 680664

Shri Rajagopalaswamy Devaswom 
Cranganore (Trichur DT.) 680664

Shanteri Kamakshi Temple
Cochin 682002

Shree Kotwal Temple 
Palace Road 
Cochin 682002

Mahalasa Narayani Temple
South Cherlai 
Cochin 682002

Shree Gopala Krishna Temple 
(Pache Devul) 
Cochin 682002

Sri Veera Venkatesh Temple 
Cochin 682002

Tulasi Durga Temple 
Cochin 682002

Sri Nagayakshi Temple 
Near C T D Temple 
Ernakulam Cochin 682002

Vana Durga (Mullakkal Bhagavathy) Temple 
Alathukutty Road 
Cochin 682002

Sri Varadraya Temple 
Cochin 682002

Sindhoora Bhagavathy Temple (Manjha Bhagavathy) 
North Cherlai
Cochin 682002

Sree Narsimha Temple 
Cochin 682002

Dhanwanthari Temple 
T D East Road 
Cochin 682002

Sri Ganapathi Temple 
Near T D Temple 
Cochin 682002

Sri Mahalakshmi Temple 
Near T D Temple 
Cochin 682002

Nageshi Mahalakshmi Temple 
North Cherlai 
Cochin 682002

Shree Thirumala Devaswom 
Cochin 682006

Shree Thirumala Devaswom of Anandapuram 
Cochin 682008

Shree Rama Devaswom 
Thripunithura 682301

Mahamayee Temple 
T D Road 
Ernakulam 682031

Shree Venugopalakrishna Swamy Devaswom 
Chendamangalam 683512

Shree Tirumala Devaswom 
Kottayam 686001

Sree Agni Bhairava Devaswom 
M C Road 
Ettumanoor 686631

Alleppey Sri Kashi Mutt 
Alleppey 688010

Shree Thirumala Devaswom 
Anantha Narayana Puram 
Alleppey 688011

Arthikulangara Bagavathy Temple 
Thuravoor 688532

Shree Thirumala Devaswom 
Thirumalabhagam 688540

Thirumala Temple 
Quilon 691001

Shree Krishna Swamy Devaswom 
Kozhancherry (Quilon DT.) 698641

Sri Venkatachalapathy Devaswom 
Pallipuram (North)

Kundelattu Devaswom 
S L Puram 
Alleppey Dist.

Shree Tirumala Devaswom 
Shertallay 688569

Shree Agnibhairava Temple 
Tiruvalla 689101

Shree Durga Temple 
Varapuzha 689517

Shree Vittala Devaswom 
Kayamkulam 690502     


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