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Tripunithura, the location of the palace of Cochin Maharaja, is a suburb about 12 km from Ernakulam. The pratishta in the temple is Sri Rama with Sita and Lakshman. This idol is believed to be given by the 5th pontiff of Kashi Mutt, Srimat Raghvendra Tirtha (samadhi 1726 AD) who is said to have the darshan of Lord Narasimha in one of the pooja rooms at Kashi.  

The orginal pratishta was in a small temple constructed in the land owned by a family migrated to this place from Varapuzha. Subsequently a new temple was constructed at the present location in about 1658 AD. This prathista also is believed to be done by the Swamiji (Authentic dates unavailable).


Temple front view 

The main prathista of Rama with Sita and Lakshman

Aerial view of the temple


Other deities  Inside the inner temple there is a pratishta of Ganapati. There are sub-temples of Hanuman, Nagaraja and Durga in the main temple premises. The Hanuman pratishta is attracting many devotees and is believed to be blessed by the presence of Guruswamy Govinda Vadhyar of Quilon who is said to have the darsan of Lord Hanuman. He had come to this temple and is said to have cured many children.


Durga and Nagaraja sub-temples 


Once Srimat Raghavendra Tirtha visited Tripunithura and stayed in the Varapuzha family for some days. While leaving the place, satisfied with the family, he blessed the members and gave them the Sri Rama idol which has been personally worshipped by him. The varapuzha family installed the Rama idol in a small temple contructed in their premises. Subsequently, the Panakkal family of Tripunithura (the Swamiji is believed to be from this family), approached the Swamiji and requested for an idol for worship by the family. Swamiji gave them the Bhagavatham (a Taliyola or book made from leaves) used by him and blessed that the book too will have the presence of Lord. 

In about 1658 AD, the Varapuzha and Panakkal families dedicated the Rama idol and the Book to the GSB community at Tripunithura for worship. In the piece of land donated by the Thamarassery Naicken family, a new temple was constructed and the Idol and Book were installed in the new temple. The temple was later renovated and  puna-prathista done in 1895 AD.

When the Portuguese attacked the Cochin Thirumala Devaswom Temple in 1662 A.D, the community removed the idol of Shri Venkateswara along with processional deities from Cochin Gosripuram temple for safety and shifted to Udayamperur. After the Dutch defeated the Portuguese in 1663 A.D, the idols were shifted back to Cochin. While on their way back to Cochin, the procession deity of Lord Venaktewara was temporarily placed for worship in the Agrasala of Shri Rama temple at Tripunithura. Meanwhile, Sri Hari Shenoy, the then Manager of the Cochin Thirumala Devaswom had a dream wherein the Lord Venkateswara directed him that the Venkateswara idol placed in the Agrasala of the Tripunithura temple should also be installed at the newly constructed Karanakodam temple. The Lord Venkateswara image was then taken out in a palanquin as a procession to Karanakodam temple and installed there as directed in the dream.

By the early 20th century, the temple was in a neglected state and reached the worst financial condition. At the request of the community, the temple governance  was taken over by the Tripunithura Devaswom Board by order of the Maharaja of Cochin in 1940 AD. In 1961 AD, after a legal battle with Govt the temple was handed over back to the community.

The original Book kept in the Srikovil in a Copper box decayed  completely and in 1979 AD Srimat Sudheendra Tirtha Swamiji blessed and handed over a Ramayana book to be kept in its place.

During Annual festivals, the procession starts from the Varapuzha family who donated the Rama idol to the temple.


Venkateswara prathistaIn 1981AD, a Devaprasnam was conducted at the temple and it was revealed that the temple is without the presence of Venkatachalapathy after the shifting of Venkateswara idol from the temple to Karanakodam. This has been the reason for deterioration of the temple and the local community. A Venkatachalapathy idol was then installed in the same place where the previous idol was kept, before shifting to Karanakodam. The pratishta was done by Srimat Sudheendra Tirtha Swamiji in 1981 AD.






The temple has a Garuda Vahana in wood and a Sesha Vahana in silver, donated by Sri. A.R. Achutha Pai. The Mahajans donated a silver palaquin in 1995 during the prathista centenary celebrations. An Iravath vahana was donated by Sri. T.C. Krishna Pai on 18-03-2004.

Garuda Vahana  

Sesha Vahana

Silver palaquin

Prathista centenary celebrations 1995

The centenary of the puna-prathista (1895 AD), was celebrated in 1995. A sahasra kalasha abhishekham was done on 19-3-1995. From the donations received from devotees, a thiruvabharanam was made and submitted to the Lord on 6-7-1995 by Srimat Raghavendra Tirtha Swamiji.  


Temple details courtesy:  Sree Rama Devaswom Noothana Prathista shatabdi Smaranika 1995