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Sree Ravalnath is the kuladevata of  the Prabhu family of Kodungallor. This family temple is the only temple dedicated to Sree Ravalnath in Kerala. The idol is 15 cm in height and made of Panchaloha. This rare idol is a combination of Siva and Vishnu symbols. There is Chakra in upper right hand and Lotus in the other right hand. The upper  left hand has Stag and the lower left hand is in blessing pose (vara hasta).

A sword and three cane sticks are kept near the Ravalnath idol. The sword is similar in shape to the sword of famous Kondungallor Bhagavati and believed to be donated by the Bhagavati.

This temple has a rare practice of keeping two raw coconuts in the temple on the Mahanavami of the Navarathri and taking out the same next year on the same day.

Interestingly, the term Ravalnath for the sun comes from Ravi for the sun in Sanskrit and in the Konkan area there is a temple for the feminine form of the sun or Ravalai.

This idol is believed to be brought from Goa by the ancestors of the Prabhu family and considered to be the Utsav deity of Ravalnath temple of Goa. The Dev Ravalnath temple of Goa is situated at Harmal about 7 kms. from Pernem.

Dev Ravalnath Temple Goa


Ravalnath photo courtesy  Rajagopala Prabhu, Kodungallor