Sree Venkatachalapathy Temple in Kollam or Quilon is the southern most temple of GSBs in Kerala. It was established in 1822 A.D. The temple is located in the Kollam town in the Tirumala ward near the District collectorate. It is only about 4 Km from the Kollam Railway station and reachable by auto. The GSB community of  Kollam are mainly middle level businessmen and settled around the temple. The temple is at a walking distance from the famous Anandavallewaram temple on the NH47 highway.

kollam venkatachalapathy temple
Temple view over the small pond

The deities in the Sreekovil are on three steps. The principal deity Sri Venkatachalapathy with Laxi devi and Bhoomi devi on either side is on the first step. On the second step is the Utsav moorthy of Varadaraja with Laxi devi and Bhoomi devi on either side. On the third step are two samputas containing salagramas.

Other deities   Laxmi devi, Maha Ganapathi and Dharma devas.

Temple main gate

Side view of the main gate
The elevated pigeon cage seen prominently in the picture

Smaller shrines Inside the temple there are three smaller shrines or sub temples - Siva shrine  on the North side at Eastern corner, Naga temple on West side at Northern corner and Guru Swamy and Hanuman temple on South side.

The sketch of Kollam temple complex  

kollamskth.jpg (7522 bytes) 1. Sreekovil and inner temple
2. Dwajam
3. The temple pond small
4. Siva shrine
5. Guruswamy and Hanuman
6. Naga shrine

7. Pigeon cage
8. Temple pond large

The temple has two ponds a larger one outside and smaller one inside. The outside pond is in a neglected condition and not in use at present. In the early 90s, an idea was mooted to construct a Marriage Hall at the place of the large pond and efforts were made to fill the pond. It later became a dumping yard and the Hall still remains a dream.

A speciality and attraction of the temple is a large pigeon cage constructed near the smaller pond and has many habitants.

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From GSBs who migrated to Kerala, 15 families settled down in Kollam. Among them was the poojari family of Sri Govinda Vadhayar who worshipped a kuladevata idol of Sri Venkatachalapathy. Later he went to Himalayas and conducted tapasya worshipping his upasana moorty Sri Hanuman. It is believed that Sri Hanuman gave darsan and blessed him. He returned to Kollam as a Yogi and the community respected him as Guru swamy.

In 1807 AD, there was military invasion and war in Kollam and many GSBs has fled from this place. The family of Guru swamy also left the place to Umayanallor and subsequently to Kayamkulam. They also carried their Kuladevata idol with them. When the situation became normal the family returned to Kollam. The community felt the need for a temple and the construction started. The family donated their Kuladevata idol of Sri Venkatachalapathy for installation in the new temple. The pratishta was done in 1822 A.D. In memory of this event, this day is celebrated as Annual day every year (Arattu). The temple was later renovated and punapratishta done in 1867 AD.

In 1918 AD, Sri Dasa Kini took interest and constructed a Dwaja in the temple.