Nava Durga

This temple dedicated to Lord Venkatachalapathy is situated at Andikadav, Kannamaly midway between Cochin and Thuravoor along the sea shore. The temple is east facing. There is a sub temple of Siva and Naga mandapam in the temple at the back side. There is also a Nava durga temple about 100 meters from this temple in a separate premises. 

Till recently the area was not accessible by good road. At present there is only a small population of GSBs in the area. Most of them has migrated to Cochin. 

Venkatachalapathy temple (the community hall seen on the right)


The  temple is situated about 60 meters from the Arabian sea and about 50 meters from the main road.  It is about 12 KM from Thuravoor temple along the route Chavadi, Pallithode and Chellanam towards Cochin. There are buses plying from Cochin and Shertallai to Kannamaly. This temple and the Nava durga temple are managed by Anandapuram Tirumala devaswom. 


1. Srikovil    2. Naga   3. Siva temple   
4. Community Hall    5. Main entrance  
6. Shed for Ratham    7. Temple pond  
8. Althara      9. Temple wall


Temple approach from the main road



The shed for Ratham (Temple on the right) Back side view of the temple

Naga Peetham

Siva sub temple  

The sea is very near. View of sea wall from temple wall at the back side.

The Nava Durga temple was established by the first migrants to the area and the Venkatachalapathy temple was later constructed.  The Nava Durga temple was re-constructed in --- . The architecture differs from the traditional Kerala style and follows the Goan style characterized by a dome above the main prathista.There are holes provided at top of the dome for exposure to rain and air. So this temple is also called Moodilla temple (Temple without cover). The stone idols of the Nine forms of Durga are installed in the temple and a loha vigraha of Durga in the front at the srikovil. On the left side of the main garbhagraha are sub temple of Pancha Mukha Yakshi and a Naga Peetham.

Durga, the mother goddess  is a form of Devi and Shakti . According to a Hindu tradition, it is believed that there are three major forms in which Durga manifested herself, namely, Mahasaraswati , Mahalakshmi and Mahakali and they all owe their origin to Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva respectively. These three forms of Durga further manifested in two more forms each, and thus emerged the nine forms of Durga, which are collectively called Navadurga or Nine Durgas. 

The Nava - Durgas are :

  Nava Durga forms