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This temple is situated at Kavumbhagom, Tiruvalla about 2 km from the MC Road towards the Mannar route. This is a family temple of the Prabhu family of Tiruvalla.

The main deity is Agnibhairav, a manifestation of Lord Siva.

About 300 years back, a Brahmachari of the Prabhu family of Parayathukadu brought this idol and installed in a small temple and worshipped. The temple was in a neglected condition for many years. In 1923 AD, Sri Krishna Prabhu, with the help of community members, renovated the temple and punaprathishta was done.

The punaprathishta is celebrated every year in addition to Mahanavami. The community members on their pilgrimage to Sabarimala visit this temple. The last day (41st day) of the Mandala vritam for Sabarimala is also celebrated here.

Sree Bhairav and Siva


Rishis describe Siva as Agni, Sthanu and Maheswara.

Siva has two forms. One of these is terrible, and the other mild and auspicious. Those two forms again, are subdivided into many forms. That form which is fierce and terrible is regarded as identical with Agni and Lightning and Surya (fire, lightning and sun). This form is engaged in all operations of destruction in the universe. The other form which is mild and auspicious is identical with Righteousness and Water and Chandrama (moon).

Lord Siva has four quite distinct characters - Shankara (eternal creative essence and represented by Siva lingam), Yogi  ( perfection, meditation and austerity represented as Digambara), Ardhanarishwara with consort Parvathi and Rudra or Mahakala (destroying or dissolving power of nature).

In the fourth characteristic, He has two aspects -  the terrible dissolver or destroyer (Bhairav) and Lord of spirits or demons (Bhuteswara). So Angnibhairav represents a Rudra form of Lord Siva.

More about Tiruvalla

Tiruvalla 24 km south of Kottayam along the MC Road, is in the Pathanamthitta district and the location of Sree Vallabha Temple. Tiruvalla is also the centre of Mathomite Christians in Kerala.

Sree Vallabha temple

The Sree Vallabha temple dedicated to Vishnu is about 2 km from Tiruvalla Town about 1 km from the gsb temple. There are many stories and legends attached to this temple. The Prathista is believed to be done by Sage Durvasa. Vishnu has come to Tiruvalla to kill the demon Tukalasura. A 60 ft granite pillar carved out as a single piece with an image of Garuda on its top stands in front of the Nalambalam. It is believed that its bottom touches the water table. The outer wall of the temple in granite is believed to be constructed by Bhuta ganas overnight. The large tank near the temple is believed to have formed naturally. Almost everyday, the traditional all-night Kathakali performance is staged in this temple.