Pathum Tirumala Temple is located in Palluruthy about 3miles south of Kochi. The Pradhana Devatha in this temple is Shree Venkatachalapathy. The temple got its name pathum, meaning belonging to more than 10 people of the community.

Devatha & Upadevatha

Inside the Sreekovil on the first step of the Simhasana we see Shree Venkatachalapthy with Lakshmi Devi and Bhoomi Devi on either sides. On the 2nd step of the Simhasana, utsava vighraha’s are placed and on the 3rd step we find the Dwarapalakas.

Inside the nalambalam in the Niryathi Konam there is a Mahaganapathi prathista facing the east. In the temple premises, in Easanukonam there is a Naga Pedestal.


The Deity in this temple, Shree Venkatachalapathy was donated by the Cochin Tirumala Devaswom (CTD),  during the management of Shree Hari Shenoy. The prathista was conducted in A.D. 1879 (M.E. 1054), on the auspicious day of Revathi Nakshatra in the month of Makaram.

Later in Revathi Nakshatra of Makara masa in the year 1935 A.D. (M.E. 1110), the punaprathista was done after the renovation of the temple.

Afterwards in 1970 A.D, the nalambalam was renovated completely with new buildings being constructed.

The Temple & Community

The Sreekovil of this temple is in Vimana Style and faces the east. Though small in size this temple is very pleasing to the eyes. As per 1976 census, there are only 98 GSB families under this temple. Still, the community members, especially youngsters are keenly active in the temple activities.     

Arratu Festivals

A Five day Arratu festival is conducted every year, concluding on the day of Uthuruttathi Nakshatra of Phalguna Masa.

Map & Location