Location: Sri Muttath Tirumala Devasom Temple, T.D Road, Cherthala, Alleppy, Kerala, India. PIN: 688524

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The Muttath Tirumala Temple, is located in the heart of Cherthala Town (which was early known as Muttath). The Pradhana Devatha (Main Deity) here is Sree Venkatachalapathy with Sreedevi and Bhudevi, and the Sree Lakshmi Narasimha Salagrama. This is a popular GSB temple in Kerala.

Devatha & Upadevatha

The Simhasan in the Srikovil has Utsavavigraha of Venkatachalapathy along with Bhoomidevi and Sreedevi on either side and a separate Vighraha of Lakshmi Devi. There is also a Lakshmi Narasimha Salagramam inside the srikovil.Other than the Main Dieties in the Srikovil, there is a ganesha upadevatha temple in the nalambalam.There is a Shiva Temple which belonged to the Namboothiri who gave it along with the land, it is outside the nalambalam in the north-east corner of the temple premises facing the west. Adjacent to it, a Naga/Yakshi Upadevatha Temple is also located.


The history of Shreemath Muttathu Tirumala Temple, dates back to 1763 when the idols of Shree Venkitachalapathy along with his consorts Shree Devi and Bhoo Devi were consecrated in the august presence of H.H. SHRIMAD MADHAVENDRA THIRTHA SWAMIJE of Shree Kashi Math Samasthan. The idols until that time were being worshipped by pious Vilaknari Vadika family as their Ishtadevatha, who gave away the idols to the Mahajanam of Muttathu Gramamam for the prosperity of the samooham. The land were the temple now stands, belonged to a Muttathu Namboothiri who worshiped a shiva temple there, gave the temple and the land around it to two gsb families, i.e. the Alunkal and Kothakulangara families. The Mahajan therefore constructed a temple and the deities were installed. At the time of the Prathista H.H. SHRIMAD MADHAVENDRA THIRTHA SWAMIJEE with love and affection towards the gramajanam gave a rare large "Lakshmi Narasimha Salagramam" to be worshipped along with the main deities, with blessings. With passage of time, the divinity and power of the Sacred Salagramam became obvious and the temple began to be known as "Narasimha Temple". The Legends of the past have praised the glory of this Salagramam.

Theft in the temple and PunaPrathishta

The most unfortunate event in the past of this temple took place on the 1st of July 1974 when, the deities of the temple along with valuables were stolen. The thief who was caught within weeks of theft, revealed to the court that even through he was able to take the idols, he could not take away the Golden Casket in which the Sacred Lakshmi Narasimha Salagramam was kept as he had a feeling of a electric shock when he tried to touch it. The admission of the thief also reveals the divine power of the Sacred Salagramam. The thief was sent for imprisonment and hr died within days of his release from the jail as predicted. The Idols were soon recovered as the thief told the place where he dug them.Soon after the idols were retrieved fromthe court, The recovered bhoomidevi idol was found deformed and hence a new one was made. The Punaprathishta was performed by H.H Shrimad Sudheendra Tirtha Swamiji on 24th February 1975 with great pomp and splendor. Since then the glory of the temple began to spread and the gramajanam also prospered by all means.

Progress of the Temple

The Mahajanam, out of devotiom and gratitude towards Sri Venkitachalapathy and Lord Lakshmi Narasimha, started renovating the temple. The Northern and Southern agrasalas were first renovated. To commemorate the silver jubilee which fell in 2000, the eastern rajagopuram (Entrance) was reconstructed and Sahasra Kumbhabishekam to the deities was performed in the presence of H.H. SHREEMAD SUDHINDRA THIRTHA SWAMIJI.Later in 2008 the Sanctum Sanctoram of Lord Shiva,the main upadevatha, was reconstructed with artistic beauty.In 2010, the Southern Gopuram along with the south-western Agrasala were renovated with provisions in the ground floor for conducting Kalyanotsavam/Unjal Seva (Dolotsavam), through generous contribution from Dr. G.K. Pai, a pious devotee. Recently the Gajamandapam(Anapandal) was renovated with artistically and quiet suitable to show case the glory and tradition of temple along with a new huge bell by obtaining a very generous contibution from an ardent devotee Sri. V. Seshagiri Pai of Cochin.The temple also owns a Community/Event Hall (S.S.Kalamandir) close to the temple for the Mahajans for conducting various events.

250 Golden Years

The Celebrations of the 250th Prathishta Anniversary in a grand and benifitting manner, which falls due on 28/05/2012. The Celebrations lasted for a year from that day.Godess Mahalakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity, will be installed as a utsav vigraha.This is a historical eventin the glory of the devasthanam, thanks to the Vanitha Vibag of Cherthala in this regard for their initiative.This prathishta (installation) was conducted during February 2013 along with a arratu festival. All functions became a memorable and historic event with various cultural and programs meant for womens, youth and childrens of all ages. Discourses, Bhajans, Drama and music conserts of eminent personalities have been done.


The templs has a number of Vahanas - Garuda, Aswa, Chandra, Surya and Sesha vahanas along with wooden & silver palanquins.

Arratu Mahotsavam

The Temple ce lebrates a 8 day Arratu Mahotsavam.The arratu is on Chaithra Month's Rohini Star which is usually during the march - april months(Menam Month).

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